Tech Live Connect Scam


Tech Live Connect Scam

Tech Live Connect Scam (TLC ) | PC Visor | Saburi TLC Scam

Tech support Scam

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Tech Live Connect Scam

TLC is now known as Saburi Tech Live Connect and earlier which was known as PC Visor which is a tech support company in Gurgoan DLF phase 2 India however their website would never tell anywhere in its content that it is based in India however it gives an impression that it is an US based company, even the address is of United States. I will start about a little about this company. This company is organised and run by people who themselves left one organization of their own kind and they initiated their own business in the same by stealing their last company’s idea and resources. This is how the first impression goes for them.

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They tend to fool customer by using scary tactics using event log or by telling the customer that their computer is infected by viruses it has been hacked or crashed. The reason it made me write here about this company because I thought no one knows about the real Tech live connect and this company is playing with the trust of their innocent customers, It was also observed that sometimes payment was taken by the agent misguiding the customer, as customer was not intimated that payment is been taken out. They pretend to be Microsoft Certified Engineer.

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They tend to give services via different partner who sells software like Driver Manager, Driver Detective, Uniblue, Speed Up My Pc, Driver HQ, AIP, Advanced identity protector and more. All these software are spywares and instead of healing your computer it screws its performance with lot of pop ups and tracking cookies. Do not download them , instead install Microsoft Security Essential which is free of cost at Microsoft website.

Once they sell you any plan they just don’t care about customer’s concerned rather they are more concerned with the next call. Tech live connect is neither customer centric or employee centric. It is a serious advice to everyone that before you pay them make a wise decision that do you really want your hard earned money to go in wrong hands or write hands, why you need to pay when you could get your computer fixed free by many website like my own. I initiated this website to solve people’s problem with computer and I do not charge even a cent for fixing. You don’t need to pay 100’s of dollar to anyone.

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Capture.PNGTech live connect is a scam and this company will be banned soon as it was banned earlier when it was known as Pc Visor long back. Company had to change their name from Pc visor to Tech live connect and now it is banned again so hey have changed their name to Saburi Tech live connect. Same company 3 names does not have any point to anyone. This name was changed thrice in 2 years.

Make a wise decision people and save your money. so not buy any software or services from them as you are wise enough to understand the fact that for $400 computer why you need to pay $300 or $200 or sometimes even $500 just for the services.

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tech support scam.PNG

Also I want to tell you that event log is just a log of all the tasks you do on your computer, the errors and warnings are due to small crashes which is very common and it does not harm your computer, event log is no where related to Viruses, Trojans, Hacking , Malwares etc. They are famous in giving free versions of software to the customer which are already easy to get on internet by intimating them they are giving paid versions.

For further assistance in “Event Log” and “Reviews of people at Microsoft” below are links to Wikipedia & Microsoft Result

TurboTax Deluxe 2016 Tax Software Federal & State + Fed Efile PC/MAC Disc

tech live connect.PNG

What is Event Log (Wikipedia) Free Technical Support
Reviews of people on Microsoft Website for Tech Live Connect Scam

Best Unique & Creative Gifts Ideas

There is no right time to express your loved ones how you love and care for them, and if your have realized its time to show your true feeling and emotions to her, we will help you to recreate the magic again in your life as you have come to a one stop solution for find best gift for your girlfriend or wife.

Different people likes different gifts but here we will be mentioning few most loved gifts on our chart, which will definitely impress your loved ones and which will help you get your magical spark again in your life.

Creative Photo Frame

Photo frame is one of the unique gift which might not sound quite popular now days, but the impact it could make in your loved ones life daily life is intense. If she has this photo frame near her, she will intentionally or unintentionally look at it many times everyday, that reminds her of you everyday and off course the gift. A photo frame is almost one of the best gift for your girlfriend or wife.

Best gift for girlfriend.PNG        Best gift for wife.PNG        unique creative gifts.PNG        best gift for parents.PNG

Pendants, Bracelets & Rings

You would not deny how much any women loved pendents or rings, be it your mother, wife or girlfriend its everyone’s favorite. This is a weakness of a women or any lady on this planet. Gift her today beautiful and attractive pendents or rings show how much you still care for her. If you are planning to get best gift for your wife or girlfriend nothing can be better than this.

best gift ever.PNG        best ever gift.PNG        best.PNG        Best rings.PNG

Phone Or Tablets

This gift might get a little expensive but sometimes its alright not to be cheap, you can always guy her a tablet or a phone with all her favorite songs, videos images etc stored in the phone. Yes, if you can afford nothing can be better then this. It might not sound that unique but it definitely has very high impact. The best part is she will carry this phone every time with her, and that will remind her of you every time.

Tablet.PNG        Best tablet.PNG        Capture.PNG        Best gift 2.PNG

Romantic Dinner

Nothing can beat a romantic dinner, it has been a bulls eye when it comes to impressing your girlfriend. Relationships usually gets very casual after sometime, and this is the time you need to keep the spark alive, just to make her feel you still care for her.

This dinner has to be a surprise, don’t forget to reserve her favorite restaurant. Make special arrangements from the restaurant staff, like a note on the table, roses depending on what she likes.

Girls gets very impressed by this surprise. But the special arrangements will be more like icing on the cake. This one way you can impress any girl. Sometimes you do not need materialistic gifts to express your love but a little creativity does much more than that, an by the end of the dinner you have already given the lady best gift. You can always make this day more special by giving her a ring in a wine glass. The idea might be old but its still impressive. You would never regret taking your loved ones on a surprise dinner ever. This is quite a impressive tip to impress any girl. 

A dress She Always Wanted

Lady In Red” no one will ever forget this song and its lyrics. Yes a dress is what she would always want, You might have ignored her desire to buy any dress but now its time to get it for her, its time to express you care for her like none other. You will find few references below to have an idea what type of dress you should gift her.

ABCD.PNG        Top 10 gift.PNG        Best gdt for her 2.PNG       Best gift 5.PNG


Tips To Impress Girls

Give Her Attention

How To Impress A girl.png
Impress Your Girlfriend

Avoid receiving unnecessary calls, texts over the phone as well as discussion on silly and illogical topics when with her, girls don’t care what you want to say, the important thing is, they want you to listen to her all the time. If you are a good listener then definitely you would be her priority for any discussion, and she would end up spending more time with you and you end up impressing her. 

Don’t Be A Controller

How To Impress A girl.png
Do Not Fight Or Over Rule Her

Girls do not like to be controlled, the more tightly you hold her the sooner she will fly away, do not get over possessive or insecure, girls hate men with insecurity. If she has to do something without letting you know she can do it anytime without bringing it to your notice, they are good with that but if you keep her free and show your trust in her, she would never do something that you might not like.

It does not mean that you don’t have to be possessive atoll, sometimes girls likes when men gets possessive for them but you need to realise the limit. Keep it healthy.

Compliment Her

How To Impress A girl.png
Let Her Know How Beautiful She Looks

Girls always likes compliment especially if they are wearing something new. Observe her closely and compliment on small things like her eye lashes, hair, nail paints etc. If you observe on these close things and you complement her for that, you would not realize but you have already impressed her as she would realize that you observe her very closely. So every time she will make sure she looks best.

Surprise Her

How To Impress A girl.png
That Is How You Impress A Girl

Make sure you surprise her time to time, girls like surprises like a road trip, movie, gift, chocolate, rose, dress and could be anything as per your pocket and liking of your girlfriend. Surprise is a evergreen way to impress your girlfriend which works every time.

Write a Letter To Her

How To Impress A girl.png

Now days we express our emotions and feeling either by Facebook, Wassap, SMS or sometimes face to face but the traditional way always gives an impression that none above and do, and that is writing a  letter. Write a letter on a colored designed paper, make your own envelope and write all your feeling in that letter. Once you gift her this letter you have given her something which very few or may be no one has ever given her, which will make it special for her, and she would realize that you think about her even though she is not around.

LinkLearn How To Write Love Letter

How To Impress A Girl.jpg

Best Gifts For Wife

Best Gift For Wife

There are few common things which almost all wives complaints about, first one will be definitely lack of time that you give to your wife, and secondly will be surprises and gifts that you use to give her in the beginning but now due to everyday life struggle you fail to express that how important she is in your life however that does not mean you don’t love her now but it is about most of the men are busy earning their bread and butter for their family, and this thing most of the females would not understand the way we expect her to. Still she tries her level best to understand and to cope up so for that she always deserves a reward. If you are on this page its quite obvious you are searching best gift for wise, and this page will help you with that

best Gift For Wife

Gifting your wife does not need an occasion but any day you can make her memorable day if you want to. There are few things that most of the women like to be gifted specially from their husband.

A Dress You Know She Always Wanted To Buy

Unique Creative Gift

Usually women are very fond of shopping and most of the times she would show you her interest in some random dress and would emphasize on it a lot, sometimes you might buy it then and there and most of the times you pass on.

You can memorize any dress that she must have spoken to you about and you can buy it for her and surprise her with that, well this gift will give a very good impression as she would realize that you remember all what she says and when times comes you can get her what she wants. Make sure that dress is nicely wrapped and packed.


Candle Light Dinner


There are always some good restaurant with some good ambiance and arrangements; you can always ask her out again like a teenager for a dinner. Do not tell her but ask her like “Would you like to go for a dinner with me” It must look like you still respects her decisions and by this you definitely would impress her already.

After making a reservation in a good restaurant do not forget to ask the restaurant manager prior to your visit to leave a note on your reserved table “Any Note”. Every lady is different and reacts to different things differently so I will leave it on you what you want to write, could be a good song, a poem, or a sorry if you did some mistake quite recent.

This would be best gift for your wife, we always find out unique creative gifts for our loved ones and this dinner can get you all you want.

Gift Her Lingerie

best Gift for Wife

Many men fails to give sufficient quality time to their wife, I am not saying lust should be there but getting intimated is very important sometimes, that’s a very important way to make love. The warmth of your body makes her feel your strength and care. One of the best gifts for your wife would be lingerie, ask her to wear it now. Once she is in lingerie you might realize her real beauty which you might not have observed in a long time. Express your love, tell her what she means to you, tell her how beautiful she is because she deserves it.

Our wife gives a lot, sacrifices a lot and in return they never asks for anything, but that does not mean we have to ignore them, it our duty to express our heart out, she deserves much more than that. She deserved to be treated as an angel.

Gold or Diamond Ring

Best Gift For Wife

This gift is one of the most common and most effective too, because gold and diamonds impresses ladies the most. Though it depends on your pocket as well but if you can afford you can always gift her ring in a different way.

Assume it is your engagement ring and now you have to gift it to her, there are a lot of ways to gift her this ring, in a wine bottle, in a red wine glass, or thins ring can be presented at time of a beautiful candle light dinner too, if you can gift her at a candle light dinner nothing best she can have., and actually you will end up giving best gift for your wife.

5 Things To Do

Best Gift For Wife

This one is my favorite, when things are fine between you and she is in a good mood, ask her what she wants to do in upcoming month. Ask her to make a list of first 5 things what she wants to do or wants to have, and ask her to write bold in a dairy, this might get expensive sometimes but usually she would be smart enough to understand why you are asking this, and she might write practical things yet actual things that she actually wishes to do. You make sure do not tell her that you are going to get it for her, but tell her I just wanted to know what is there in your wish list, but now you have 5 things that you need to work on.

After getting these 5 things you will be actually making your married life better, and she would actually understand that you care for her and now she would try to understand you more. It happens most of the times you might get something for her, and she might show that she is quite happy but a lot of times there can be something else that she wanted more, asking her is a best option, as you get what she wants.

TOP 10 Unique Creative Gifts

Top 10 Unique Creative Gifts

Personalized Pen

Unique Creative Gift

Well we all carry a pen in school, college, and office but what if the brand of your pen is your name, engraved on it. Yes this is one of a very unique and most liked gift by men usually. There are various websites online which helps you to customise pen as per your desire. If you really wish to gift you beloved a unique creative gift definitely a pen would be a right choice to go for, one more reason to gift someone this pen is, that your beloved ones can carry that with him always and also it will remind him of you whenever he writes.

Amazon: Click Here To Get Your Own

Magic Explosion Box

Unique Creative Gift

Usually we have been gifting creative cards to our loved ones, which is a traditional way of sharing a gesture of love however now days cards are common if we talk about gifts, and the reason is Magic Explosion Box has replaced traditional cards. In this you make a box that explodes ones you open it. When we say it explodes, it actually does not explode actually but it opens with all the creative photos and designs inside that box. In this box you can put your pictures, mementos and some decorative to make it look attractive. If you want to give something uncommon to your loved ones this time, make a Magic Explosion Box and you will definitely impress your loved ones. Unique creative gifts always give a good impression. If this time you are willing to speak your heart out to your loved ones, give this unique Magic Explosion Box and you are done.

Link: Click Here To Access The Tutorial

Customized Pillow

Unique Creative Gift

Customized pillow are quite old fashion yet very popular when it comes to expressing love. The only time we are free from the busy work and worries is when we sleep, and if we have a customized pillow with some good quotes, pictures or message on it, then nothing can be better than that.

This pillow will always make your loved ones realize that someone is always there to care, it might not look like a pillow can make that difference to someone’s life but ask people who have it already and then you might understand what change it could bring to your love life. I would keep this Customized Pillow number 3 for this Top 10 Unique Creative Gifts

Amazon: Get One

Wishlist Booklet


This is one of a very Unique Creative Gift which you might not have heard quite often, in this booklet you make a book with all the things that you loved ones likes. This booklet might have 15 to 20 slips that should look like a cheque book and all the slips inside this has slips by the name of for movie, shopping, drive, gift, peace etc also these slips can have a good quote and should be well decorated.

How this booklet can be used, now you can gift this Wishlist booklet and now your beloved can use it whenever she/he wants to.

Like if she/he wants to see a movie with you and you are busy that day, then if she uses a slip from that booklet for movie then you have no other choice but to have to go for a movie. Another example, if you’re angry on your beloved and you know that it is his/her fault so this booklet will have a slip by the name of PEACE and if it is presented to you then the fight has to be stopped.

So this booklet is like one package of gift, wherein your loved ones can give you any slip and ask you to do the same that is mentioned on the slip and you cannot deny it.

11 Roses Surprise

Unique Creative Gift

This is very interesting it might look choosy yet very cute. Usually this looks better if given to a girl. You have to buy 10 fresh roses with long stem and one artificial rose as well.

While you plan to gift it to your beloved take all the roses along and give the real rose one by one after the 10th rose once you are over with your real roses and left with your last artificial rose, then you have to give her the last artificial rose and you have to say “I WILL BE WITH YOU TILL THIS LAST ROSE FADES AWAY”

Gift Her A Beautiful Hand Mirror

Unique Creative Gift

Unique Creative Gift

 This is again a very basic gift yet can be one memorable gift if presented in a right way. Buy a beautiful mirror, preferably a designer hand mirror, buy a beautiful box for it and then tie a ribbon on the mirror handle and pack it inside the box along with a note. This note should be written very nicely and this slip should be decorated as well.


This is one of the most favorite and unique creative gift you could give it to your beautiful lady.

Link: Click Here To See These Mirrors Online

Surprise Road Trip

Unique Creative Gift

This is one the most exciting gift you could give it to someone, while you plan a surprise road trip just make sure you are pre planned for everything. While on this road trip you can plan some nearest getaway which is not too long to travel but not too short as well. Usually girls like road trips also if it’s a surprise, make sure you keep a rose or a chocolate in the flap of mirror. Once she sits she would definitely open the mirror to see if she is looking good and then, that rose or chocolate would fall, that would give her a good start.

While travelling, plan a hault at a good restaurant. Speak to the restaurant staff prior to the trip and make some special arrangement for her like a rose on the table and along with that a customized note, which could have your self written poem or anything that she would like. You can also ask for a wine bottle with her and your name written on it.

Like this you can always make her feel special and loved. The best part of road trip is you get enough time to explore the nature and you get to talk more and a opportunity to know each other better, also do not forget to have her favorite songs in your playlist. This is one of the most adventurous Unique Creative Gift you could probably give to you loved one.

Customized Wind Chime

Unique Creative Gift

 You might have seen a lot of wind chimes hanging on the doors or rooms which are available in the market quite cheap however this wind chime is unlike those. As we are discussing about Unique Creative Gift then there should be something creative in that.

Well you can make a normal wind chime and you can cut down small square pieces of cardboard of the size 3×3 or 4×4 depending on the wind chime size, and take our print outs of your images with your loved one or your favorite memory, paste these pictures on the piece of cardboard and make 10 to 15 sheets and paste it with the chime and also hang it along with the wind chime, do not forget to tie small bells as well, because when wind would blow and your loved one will hear you always, and when he sees that wind chime he/she sees you too.

Link: Click Here To Learn

 Memory Photo Album

Unique Creative Gift

 Well, this one will be favorite of anyone, as the name suggest album of memory, above we discussed about Magic Explosion Box this is quite a same things but instead of box this looks like a album, what you need to make it? Some cardboard sheets, some pictures of your old memories, some decorative and lots of love.

The idea is to make an album of 10 to 15 pages, each page will contain a picture of one memory and a brief description about that memory, like why that memory was special, or what was so special about that day or picture, make 10 to 15 pages and decorate it nicely, This Unique Creative Gift will leave no stone unturned to express your feelings and a gesture to your loved one.

Link: Click Here To Learn How To Make It

Create A WordPress Blog

Unique Creative Gift

Now this one would need a lot of time as you will have to write a lot about your loved one but it would be worth creating a blog, it is not easy to write over night all about your memories and quality time spent with him/her. So you need atleast a week time to write most of your loved memories. Do not write just for the sake of writing but feel and then write as when you feel and write you write spells which makes you look like a magician later.

Use some good pictures in the blog so that one can open that blog anytime any day also it would look like you are open to the world about it.

Do not speak about the blog prior of its completion, make sure you first complete the blog, design it nicely and then tell her/him about it.

Link: Click Here To Learn How to Make a Blog Or Website


Best Birthday Gift For Girlfriend

Best Birthday Gift Ideas

Best Gift Fir Girlfriend

You would agree to it that, while your girlfriend’s birthday is approaching you plan a lot of things a month back just to express your love and to make your girl feel special and then finally you search best birthday gift for girlfriend, don’t worry!  not anymore. Traditional way is to watch a movie, cutting the cake and yes obviously an expensive gift however you can add up a lot of things to this plan.

Best Gift For Girlfriend

Now days girls are attractive and impressed with unique creative gifts of surprises. Visit Unique Creative Gifts if you are planning for a unique creative gift for your girlfriend then you have come to a right place, here you will find best birthday for your girlfriend

Best way to start your girlfriend’s birthday will be definitely with chocolates and roses which is again a traditional way yet quite popular till now. Now after you present roses and chocolates once you meet you are ready with the next surprise.

Definitely she would be hungry so plan a meal at a good restaurant which she usually prefers and make some special arrangements over there prior to your visit like a note on the table or a wine with her name and the most important do request the manager as well and the staff to wish your girlfriend for the birthday, this will again make her feel more special. 

Best Birthday Giftsurprise-birthday-party-2-1

After this you have to keep this thing in your mind that that she would miss her friends as well. So speak to her best friends and have all of them at a good hang out place, somewhere all can sit and talk and also cut the cake too, again you have to make sufficient arrangements for that too, while cutting the cake ceremony you can ask the restaurant or bar manager to play the birthday song also don’t forget to intimate the bar or restaurant manager and staff to wish her. This place can be a good bar, hukka lounge or any place in your knowledge which can accumulate all of you, make sure you guys eat sufficient to wait until dinner as we will be skipping lunch in this plan or you can have it with all friends if you want

Best Gift For Girlfriend

Once cake cutting ceremony is done then you can go to some good place for entertainment, like pool, bowling or some gaming center, this will add up some fun and excitement to the plan.

Make sure this time all of her friends are along, and don’t worry friends will be leaving now and this will be told to all of your friends to leave by their known as if they have some work to do, it should not look like you asked them to leave. That you plan accordingly.

Best Gift For Girlfriend

Now its just you and her, at this time movie will be a good option so if you are lucky to have a recent good movie released then go for a long drive, you get enough time to talk to her and tell her what she means to you. This is a time to give her the gift which you can decide as per her liking. Every girl likes different things so I would not suggest you something here but will leave it to you.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas

Now again she gets excited, this is most important part of the surprise as you get time to speak to her and to express your true feelings which she would remember in future, make sure you speak your heart out and tell her how special she is for you.

Once you are done with that then quite obvious a candle light dinner with a wine bottle is what your surprise should end up with. Now in middle of this plan you can give some small creative gifts which you can see on my other post Click Here.

Unique Creative Gift

Phishing & Spoofing Emails Scam

Scam Alert

Phishing Scam and Spoofing Email Scam


  1. Fraud Alert PayPal
  2. Somebody else logged in to your Facebook account
  3. Notification for Password Change

These emails looks like you have to log on to the account to take any action on that account, and it could be any account. It could be your Facebook, Paypal, Online Banking, Aol etc.

Gmail Spoofing Scam

Once you click on that link given on that Spoofing mail, it will rout you to their Phishing Website.


These websites are made exactly like the original or legitimate website, by just looking on to that website you barely can figure out if it’s real or phishing site. Usually most of us start filling up the credential and try to log in to the account which lately gives an error, and we think as if it’s some server issue but that is usually not the story.

PayPal Email Spoofing Scam


Actually one who made this phishing site and spoofing email has already received your credentials. Now that person can use your credential to log on to your account and to make any changes in it, this is how the phishing scam happens.

Now If it’s a Facebook phishing site then usually one can check your personal chats ,  comment or probably can  do any possible thing on that account that you do and the worst part is it will be on your behalf and may be you wouldn’t  even come to know about it however, things gets more critical if instead of your Facebook account it’s your PayPal account or your online banking account because this time the loss will not be your personal information or chats but the loss will be huge and that is “MONEY”.


Here I put my step forward to share my knowledge and experience of Phishing/Spoofing Emails so that one can be safe from these kinds of scams.

How to be safe from Phishing and Email Spoofing Scams:

First of all you have to be sure whenever you receive any update from any of your accounts, could be Facebook, Gmail, Aol, PayPal, Online Banking etc you first check the domain of the sender email. I will explain you how to do so.

Phishing & Spoofing Scam Alert

If you receive an email from PayPal and the sender email is it’s spoofing email and you have strictly advices to ignore it, and to mark it spam. The legitimate email will definitely have the name of t he company in its domain like or I will give you few more examples. If it’s a Facebook spoofing email then it could look like however all the mails that you receive from Facebook will definitely have facebook in its domain name like, these are just general examples however spoofing email can be anything or it can be on any domain.

All you have to take care is the domain name in that email, if you have your legitimate company’s name that you recognize in the domain name of the email then you can do further and open that link, but if not then now you know what to do, just ignore it and mark it spam

Phishing Page:

Phishing Page Scam

After you get attracted to the spoofing email, you start trusting the email. Now Phishing website will come into picture. Phishing website looks like original website and it is designed in such a way like it’s just a replica of any legitimate website by which a user feels he/she is on the original website but unfortunately he/she is on a Phishing website.  What this website does, once you fill up the credentials like username and passwords, these information is sent to the Phishing page owner.


Now what could be worse to have your account details or password with somebody who intends to miss use is. Now lately after you get phished or Spoofed you end up losing money or your personal information.

Please find the below cases for Phishing Page:


Facebook Phishing Page:

Facebook Phishing Page Scam
Facebook Phishing Page Scam

Google Phishing Page:

Google Phishing Page Scam


How To Remove Popup/ Get Rid Of Popup / Tech Support Popup Removal


tlc pop up


As I have discussed in my previous post that how these tech support scammers publish fake computer pop ups on their target’s computers, below are the few examples of pop ups which can give you better understanding of these fake pop ups so that in future if you receive any such pop up you know how to tackle with it without panicking.

Pop up Tech support scam tlc Tech Support Scam

How these pop up appears on your computer?

These pop ups are generated by various online marketing websites and tools which provides advertising any company’s product or service by forced marketing. Most of the companies dealing in Watches, Clothes Electronics etc also use these online marketing websites or tool but in a legitimate way, but now what is happening these tech support scammers are also using these websites or creating fake websites in which they pose to be a brand however they are not, like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google.

When these pop ups appear on your computer it will not allow you to do anything, it will block your web browser with the pop up and all you end up doing is to call these tech support scammers Toll-Free number which is mentioned on that pop up as that pop up blocks everything.

The reason I am writing about this is to inform everybody how to fix these pop ups so that you don’t have to call these tech support scammers, because once you call them, their skilled sales people will convince you and you will end up paying them lots of money

Tech Support Scam Tlctech support scam

Troubleshooting for Windows Pop Up

  1. Whenever you receive any pop up that you do not like or may be a pop up that is not allowing you to do anything on your web browser all you have to do is close your web browser and re open it , usually you will not be able to do it by the top right red cross which you use to close windows as tech support pop ups are so advance that most of the times they also disable that red cross so that you can’t close that windows and end up calling them to get rid of that pop up. The correct way is to close your web browser from the “Tool Bar” or by “Task Manager

How to close pop up from the Tool Bar? 

Right Click on the web browser icon on your tool bar and click on close window and open again your web browser,  you will see the pop up is no longer there.

Tech Support Scam Tlc

How to close it from Task Manager?

Hold CTRL+ ALT+ DEL together once and task manager will open which you can see below in the image, then in the task manager you have to go to Applications tab and select your web browser, it could be Google Chrome, Internet Browser, Firefox etc. As for now in the below example it is Google Chrome. You have to right click and then click on End Task option or you can select your web browser and then click on end now tab at the bottom as you can see in the below image.

Tech SUpport Scam Saburi tlc

2.  If  above troubleshooting steps are not working on your pop up then the pop up is little more critical, in that case you have to Shut down your computer and restart it, in case you are not able to shut down your computer from tool bar because your computer is stuck or hanged in between because of these pop up then you have to forcefully shut down your computer and that is done by keeping the power button pressed on your CPU or Tower which you use usually to turn on your computer for 5 seconds and then press it back again to turn on.

When you will open your web browser again you will observe the pop up is gone.

3. Even after this if your pop up appears back again then it means the pop up that has been sent by the tech support companies is actually very critical now in this case there are few sets of troubleshooting steps that I have mentioned in one of my old post ” Top 10 tips to make your computer Fast and Secured.” Click on this link and follow all the troubleshooting steps and these step not only removes your critical pop up but also improves the performance or your computer by 60%. and after that you never have to call the tech support scammers again. which will end up saving a lots of hard earned money

Tech Support Scammers Busted

By following these tips and tricks you never have to worry about these fake tech support companies, these tech support scammers are fooling thousands of people round the globe everyday. Now you know how they scam, you will never be in a scenario where in you lose thousands of dollars as well as your personal information again.

Many tech support companies have been raid by the FTC, and have been closed permanently now however these scammers are finding new ways to scam customers, for more information you can always visit FTC U.S Govt. website i.e Click Here